The Black Diaries



Creator/Editor-in-Chief: AJ Garcia
Co-Editor/Model: Sephrah

Writer/Model : Gabrielle
Contributor/Model: Eva Dusk


“The Black Diaries” is a Lifestyle, Art Nude and Erotic Arts project attempting to blur the line between the creative and the explicit.

Exploring and celebrating body positivity, equality, and sexuality. No negativity here, only embracing beauty of all shapes, sizes and colors. 

Embracing women’s choices to do as they please with their body. To embrace what society feels as “flaws” and see the stretch marks and the scars as the marks of beauty they truly are. To embrace the fact that a woman can be nude or a sexual being without being shamed for it, to be be disregarded  because of it, and to not be treated as less than a human being. 

To embrace the fact that their value as a human being goes beyond just the physical. 

“The Black Diaries” will be an intimate look into the personal stories of our own lives. It will feature works ranging from the innocent to the highly erotic, and at times may push or even bend the line towards the pornographic. 

It will feature many women and (soon) LGBT voices, speaking on their lives, their struggles, their moments of empowerment through writings or poetry. 

As this site begins, it will be an experiment into how to best show off these ideals, in style and direction. While it will start with photos and writings,  eventually the aim if people respond well, and its fan base gets big enough, to incorporate video projects, additional contributors and couples.  

Simplicity is a public portion of the site, with (mostly) Safe for Work images, non-nude. To get to the full NSFW site (Life, Passions, After Dark, Memories and The Diary) Pledge to "The Black Diaries" on Patreon.